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Rethink Remote Monitoring with Ayyeka’s Wavelet

What is the Wavelet?

The Wavelet is a full-stack hardware, software, and service solution enabling data collection from any sensor, over any communication network, using any server, and integrated into any SCADA or software analytic platform.

The Wavelet can be purchased without sensors or in kit form including sensors.

The Wavelet has 3 sensor ports, which can be configured with any combination of analog, serial, or discrete connectors.

Each sensor port can support additional sensors using cable splitters, with one Wavelet device supporting up to 10 sensors.

Why choose the Wavelet?

SCADA & Software

From cloud-based hosting and an intuitive user-interface to secured and streamlined SCADA connectivity, Wavelets deliver data directly where it is needed. Integrating with models, analytics, and business intelligence solutions has never been easier.

Cyber-Security & Alerts

Wavelet Kits are embedded in every layer from the ground up with the most advanced cyber-security technology, including sensor authentication and data encryption. Receive alerts in the event of an urgent reading.

Rugged Design

Molded polycarbonate enclosure with IP 68 / NEMA 6P waterproofing rating allows for installation in the most corrosive and aggressive of environments, in both industrial and commercial applications.

Reduced Cost of Ownership

As an integrated, modular, and preconfigured solution that allows for plug-and-play installation and requires minimal maintenance, Wavelet Kits deliver an attractive total cost of ownership.

Rapid Deployment

Wavelet Kits are sensor-agnostic, utilizing various configurations of sensors and samplers. Easily installed and operating within minutes, Wavelet Kits can be used to build or extend smart networks.

Autonomous & Redundant

Low-power and predictive analysis algorithms result in up to 30% extended battery life. Redundant communication concurrently supports 2G, 3G, LTE (4G), CDMA, LPWAN, and Bluetooth connectivity.

Some of the Wavelet Kits available

Wavelet Water Supply Kit

The Wavelet Water Supply Kit is integrated with both a pressure sensor and a client-selected and provided flow meter to provide complete water supply management.

Monitoring various water supply parameters while using continuous feedback helps improve control of the water network and maximizes the efficiency of production from existing resources and infrastructure.

The Wavelet Water Supply Kit is the perfect solution for obtaining a constant understanding of the state of the water network in order to better control pumps, monitor critical points, and identify service interruptions. This improves network efficiency and maintains a high level of service to customers.


  • Dual Pressure & Flow Monitoring
  • Instant Situational Awareness
  • Create New or Extend Existingetwork
  • Data Graphing & Reporting


  • Reduce NRW
  • Identify Pipe Leaks
  • Avoid Water Main Breaks
  • Identify System Backflow Contamination

Wavelet Generator Kit

The Wavelet Generator Kit allows operators to monitor two critical parameters for generator operation: system vibrations and fuel tank level.

Condition monitoring is an important part of any effective maintenance strategy, allowing operators to receive timely indications of both actual and potential component failures. By monitoring vibrations, operators can gain invaluable forewarning about the development of faults before they occur. Vibration information can also help generator owners employ advanced predictive and proactive algorithms to optimize the maintenance process.

Submersible level sensing is the preferred means for the remote monitoring of stored fuel reserves in generators. Real-time fuel data enables operators to schedule refills intelligently, helping realize cost savings, minimize downtime, and monitor fuel consumption trends.


  • Cybersecure Communication
  • Over-the-Air Device Configuration
  • Cost-Effective and Scalable Deployment


  • Ensure Backup Power Availabilty
  • Implement Proactive Management
  • Improve Fuel Supply Management

Wavelet Surface Water Kit

The Wavelet Surface Water Kit provides a cost-effective solution for managing crucial resources in rivers, streams, lakes, canals, and other open water bodies. Tracking trends in surface water levels helps to ensure that these resources can continue to support our various uses of them without detrimentally impacting upon natural ecosystems.

Long-term and regular level measurements support evaluation of watershed management and conservation efforts. This Kit can provide insights on the interconnected relationship between surface water and groundwater levels. In addition, the high accuracy of data this Kit provides makes it an ideal solution for climate analysis, especially sea level monitoring.


  • Plug-and-Play Installation
  • Continuous Data Collection
  • Data Graphing & Reporting


  • Watershed Management
  • Catchment Basin Management
  • Climate Analysis

More Wavelet Kits available























The Ayyeka Data Hub

Our web interface for managing data and Wavelet fleets. Whether you manage ten Wavelets or ten thousand, the Ayyeka Data Hub makes obtaining a birdseye view of remote monitoring systems easy and intuitive. The Hub features five main methods of managing your Wavelet fleet and accessing your data. These are:


  • GPS-enabled asset location to pinpoint devices on a map.
  • Real-time data from the field with intuitive charting to identify trends.


  • Powerful report generation tools to output data in seconds.
  • Filter by site and data stream to compare feeds side-by-side.

Device Management

  • Push commands to devices on a one-by-one or fleet-wide basis.
  • Configure threshold alerts for situational awareness.


  • Generate and manage API clients.
  • RESTful or SOAP-based web services integration with third-party software applications.

User Management

  • Manage users and roles on an asset-based level.
  • Easily update contact information to ensure users receive alerts.

Frequently Asked Questions


Can I purchase the Wavelet without sensors?
Ayyeka offers a Basic Wavelet Kit, which does not include any sensors.

The Basic Wavelet is intended for customers who already have their own sensors which they would like to retrofit to transmit data remotely, or for customers who intend to source sensors independently from another vendor.

What Kind of sensors can be used with the Wavelet
Ayyeka’s Wavelet device is integrated with best-of-breed sensors.

You can choose from any of the sensors offered with our existing 25 Wavelet Kits.

The Wavelet itself is sensor agnostic and can work with any type of sensor with analog, serial, or discrete output.

If there is a specific sensor you would like to use that is not listed in our product suite or price list, please contact us at info@ayyeka.com so we can customize a Wavelet Kit to meet your needs.

How many sensors can be used with the Wavelet
The Wavelet has 3 sensor ports, which can be configured with any combination of analog, serial, or discrete connectors.

Each sensor port can support additional sensors using cable splitters, with one Wavelet device supporting up to 10 sensors.

How frequently do the sensors need to be calibrated
Sensor drift occurs over time with all sensors.

Recommended calibration frequency varies based on the sensor and application. Typically, sensors should be calibrated once per year.

Sensor calibration can be performed during routine maintenance. Ayyeka provides a user-friendly solution to account for sensor drift by modifying the transformation equation that converts raw values from sensor measurements to final values in engineering units.



How do I know the battery needs to be replaced? How long does the battery last?
Battery level notifications can be set in the user interface.

The battery can last from a few weeks up to several years, depending on the number of sensors, and the configuration of the sampling and transmission intervals set.

The military-grade lithium battery packs utilized in Wavelet devices provide for extra, extra long battery life, allowing for autonomous field operation, less frequent trips to the field by operators, and act as a redundant power source in the event that the system is hooked up to solar or permanent power as the primary power source.

Can I use external power instead of a battery

The Wavelet device can be powered by a fixed power supply or solar panel.

Each Wavelet device is supplied with an external power connector for this purpose.

What happens if the power goes out?
The Wavelet can be configured with an SD card supporting up 8 GB of data (can be expanded).

Data is stored in the Wavelet device in non-volatile memory, so that data is not lost in the event that the battery is spent and an external power source goes out.

For installations using an external power source, the internal battery provides backup power if the external power supply fails.

Data & Software

How much data can the Wavelet store
Internal storage on the Wavelet device holds up to 4 gigabytes (GB). set.
How does the Wavelet integrate into a SCADA system? Does it need to go to the Ayyeka cloud first?
Ayyeka’s Wavelet Kits collect and transmit data to cloud storage or an on-premises server.

Using the drivers, code, and API developed by Ayyeka’s engineers, the data is seamlessly and securely integrated to populate SCADA databases.

Ayyeka supports the OPC, DNP3, and proprietary communication protocols.

What kind of data can i export and what format is used to export data?
Ayyeka’s user interface can generate the following pre-defined reports: stream history (all measurements for a user-defined data range), aggegation reports (sum, average, min/max, standard deviation for user-defined data range and aggregation interval), and flow reports (sum of daily sums for user-defined data range).

Ayyeka also offers options for custom reports.

Reports are generated as CSV (comma separated values) files.

How do I change the data transmission interval?
Navigate to the Devices tab and click on the correct Wavelet device.

In the Configuration tab, there are 3 Reporting Interval options: Type (0), Type (1), Type (2). Type (0) is the default reporting interval. Type (1) and Type (2) are optional alternate configurations that are used when configuring alarms.

To change the reporting interval, click on Type (0), Type (1), or Type (2). There are 9 pre-defined reporting intervals ranging from 30 minutes to 24 hours.

To configure a reporting interval that is not pre-defined, use the Advanced Device Configuration.

Click GSM. Select GSM PRIORITY. 0, 1, and 2 correspond to Type (0), Type (1), and Type (2). Update the home_interval_minutes value to the desired interval in minutes.

What is the maximum sensor sampling frequency?
The maximum sampling frequency is sensor-dependent.

Wavelet Kits are designed for continuous rather than real-time monitoring to enable fully-autonomous operations with long-lasting battery lifetime.

Typical sampling frequency ranges from once every 5 minutes, 1 hour, or once per day.

While sampling frequency can be reduced to shorter intervals such as once per minute, it is recommended that these types of applications include an external power supply to reduce battery replacement frequency.

How many alarms can you set per Wavelet device?
Each individual data stream can be configured with up to 4 alert configurations. The Wavelet device has a maximum of 23 data streams.
I did not receive an alert on my mobile phone (after a threshold event). What is the problem?

SMS and email alerts are configured within the user interface.

Please verify that user contact details have been properly entered into the system, the user has been added to the appropriate alert user group, and the alert user group is configured to receive SMS notifications.

If you need further assistance please contact ryan@id-sa.co.za

How do I change the data collection parameters once the Wavelet is installed in a manhole?
Wavelet devices installed in manholes establish server connectivity in the same manner as do Wavelets installed at street level or other above-surface applications.

Changes to sampling configurations are sent over-the-air via the user interface and are executed during the next communication session between the server and Wavelet device.

Cyber-Security & Connectivity

What network carriers does the Wavelet work with? Which countries are supported?

Ayyeka supplies Wavelet Kits with a global SIM card offering multi-network support, including Vodacom, MTN, Verizon, AT&T, and T-Mobile in the US, and supports connectivity in more than 145 countries worldwide.

The Wavelet gateway automatically detects and executes each transmission session on the network with the strongest signal, which results in extended battery lifetime.

For security reasons, I want to bypass cloud storage. Can this be done?

Ayyeka takes data security and privacy very seriously. We have implemented cutting-edge cyber-security features since the inception of our company.

Since many of our customers prefer to bypass cloud storage, we have developed capabilities to transmit the data directly to an on-premises or private cloud server.

What type of communication networks does the Wavelet work with?
The Wavelet is a multi-network carrier with redundant communication capabilities.

The Wavelet can support 2G, 3G, 4G (LTE), LPWAN (Sigfox, LoRaWAN), and Bluetooth connectivity.

What happens if the cell signal is lost?
If the Wavelet fails to connect to a cellular network, the device will continue to collect and store data.

The transmission frequency is automatically reduced to conserve power until communications can be successfully re-established, at which point the device returns to its normal transmission frequency.

Is the Wavelet cyber-secure?
Ayyeka’s Wavelet Kits are embedded with cutting-edge cyber-security technology from the ground up.

Cyber-security features include AES-256 protocol data encryption, authentication, one-time passwords (OTP) and secured connectivity.


How do I change my username and password?
Users with administrative permission settings can update usernames and passwords via the Ayyeka user interface or API.
What is the standard Wavelet warranty?
Ayyeka provides a standard 1-year limited warranty covering the Wavelet and all other hardware furnished as part of a Wavelet Kit excluding sensors and samplers.

Sensors and samplers are covered by the warranty of third-party original equipment manufacturers (OEM) or warranty administrators.

Ayyeka also offers extended warranties.

Is the Wavelet magnetic Activator unique to a given device?
No, the Wavelet Magnetic Activator shipped with each Wavelet device can be used to activate any Wavelet device.
Can Wavelet solutions be used for Smart City applications?
Ayyeka’s Wavelet Kits are an ideal solution for smart cities.

Modular and seamless by design, Wavelet Kits are plug-and-play data acquisition nodes that can be installed across urban environments to create new or extend existing smart networks.

Wavelet applications include environmental, water and wastewater, electric power, civil infrastruture, waste management, and security.

Who should install a Wavelet kit in the field?
Ayyeka’s Wavelet Kits are plug-and-play and therefore no special training is required to install the Kits.

All Wavelet Kits are furnished with a Quick Start Guide that offers straightforward, illustrated installation instructions.

Field technicians and other operations employees typically perform the installation, but any personnel familar with the required safety guidelines and procedures of implementing field instrumentation and remote telemetry can complete the installation.

What is the lead time after ordering a Wavelet Kit?
We stock inventory for our portfolio of standardized Wavelet Kits, which are available for shipping within a matter of days.

Customized solutions that integrate multiple sensors or sensors that have not previously been integrated with the Wavelet gateway device have lead times that vary from a few days to a few weeks.

Lead times depend in part on the lead times on orders from third-party suppliers.

We make every effort to ship as fast as possible to get your smart network nodes set up as soon as possible.

Where are some examples of applications for Ayyeka's Wavelet Kits
Wavelet Kits provide modular and easily scalable end-to-end remote monitoring solutions.

A truly rugged, industrial technology, Wavelet Kits can be implemented for water, wastewater, environmental, oil & gas, electric power, mining, agricultural, civil infrastructure, and security applications.